Thursday, May 17, 2007

Plan Ahead....Part 2

Continuing from the 'Plan Ahead' post on Tuesday, May 15 :

5) Batteries! Batteries! Batteries! ...... Yes, I know it's a little condescending to be reminding other Professional Photographers to carry enough batteries to get the job done. But it's not just about your Ziploc Bag filled with Double A's and Triple A's. It's more about being prepared with fresh ( New ) batteries before you show up for the job and also about having the right type of Battery!

Yes, I can hear it now ' This jerk is gonna tell me what batteries I should be using! Next he'll be telling me what kind of equipment to bring! '

What is the right battery for your Digital Camera? Well, that depends on whether or not you want to have your camera die right in the middle of an important job or shoot like a madman all day without having to crack open the battery cover. There's nothing lamer than having to fumble through a dark camera bag to find enough dollar store double A's to get you through the hour. That's a sure way to "NOT" impress the CEO whose portrait your shooting. So....what is the answer? I believe the modern Lithium Ion batteries that come with your Canon, Nikon etc... are without a doubt the most efficient, long' lasting energy sources you can load in your camera.They are designed for the correct output for proper camera functioning and are easily recharged (hopefully after the job is over) and have a lasting power far beyond any Double A's you might use. Most camera manufacturers give you 2 slots for batteries in your factory grip and I would recommend using both batteries at the same time. They are designed to last longer used in pairs than the same batteries used individually. Some of the newer cameras won't even function properly with name brand Alkaline batteries and Rechargeable Ni cads are no match for the Lithium Ion's that came with your camera! Buy extras when you purchase a new camera, even the off brands that they sell at B and H Photo, Adorama etc...for your particular camera are fantastic. Personally, I haven't seen the halfway mark on my camera's battery display once in nearly two years!

To be continued...