Tuesday, June 26, 2007

After Capture Magazine Subscription Offer!

I had an opportunity to check out a copy of the new AFTERCAPTURE magazine today. I read it cover to cover while I was waiting for a client to arrive at the studio. The publishers are offering some sort of free subscription, available for a limited time. I was extremely impressed by the printing, visuals and content. I would have to say that it might well be the most useful magazine ever published for Digital Photographers. No kidding!

Check them out on their WEBZINE to get a feel for the content.

Software Review...

The good folks at Alien Skin Software are shipping me two of their most popular Photoshop Plug- ins, 'Snap art' and 'BLOWUP'. I will be playing with both of them this weekend and hope to have a review of each plug- in posted early next week. The 'Snap art' plug- in gives your images the look of natural art media, such as oil paint or pen and ink and 'BLOWUP' is Alien Skin's answer to Genuine Fractals for image upressing. I have read good things about both and I'm looking forward to putting them through a few of my very unscientific and subjective tests. Don't expect a 10 page White Paper with charts and mathematical analysis. If your looking for that much detail you've come to the wrong place!

coming soon...