Thursday, May 24, 2007

Plan Ahead....Part 3

Continuing from the 'Plan Ahead...Part 2 ' post on Thursday, May 17:

6) Now that you slackers have the right juice to run your 'Photo Creation Optical Illusion Facilitators', ( Cameras for the humor impaired ! ) you can move onto the nitty gritty of on the job workflow etiquette. I think it's time to ditch the fancy nylon CF/SD card wallets with the nifty see thru mesh and start separating unused formatted cards from the very important card that contains the job that you are currently shooting! You know what I mean. Stop the flip the card -one-way-or-the-other game! Shot.......not shot...........uhhhh......shot? You know you're just gonna load it in the camera to check anyway! Better to place the full cards in a completely separate area of your camera bag. That way you don't have to guess or confuse the hell out of your assistant as he races to get you a clean card for that 'once in a lifetime' photo of the 'Executive at his desk'. As we discussed before, those cards will remain untouched until after the job is completed and you have backed them up on no less than two hard-drives. This one bit of advice will 'Save Your Bacon Plenty!'

To Be Continued...