Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My New Software Has Arrived!

I finally got around to picking up the mail at my old address. The new software from Alien Skin had been waiting patiently for me on the porch. Thank goodness no one else found it before I did. I have not had time to install the new Plug-Ins, but have gone over the documentation ( Pamphlet ) included with each disk. The good folks at Alien Skin were smart enough to include some of the clearest and best written install and usage instructions I've seen in quite a while. Each Plug-In is Mac and PC compatible and runs on Adobe Photoshop CS or later.

The Plug-Ins I will be testing are : Blow-up ( for upressing ), Exposure ( The final version. I have been using the Beta for more than a year ) and Snap Art. Check back with me in a day or so and I will post my impressions of each, along with a sample of some final art.

Time to cook some hot dogs on the grill and enjoy the day. Happy 4Th of July to All!