Sunday, June 17, 2007

Editing The Raw Files...Part 3

Continuing from the 'Editing The Raw Files' Part 2 post on Sunday June 3rd :

10) Having backed up and organized your newly downloaded Raw Files, you are now ready for the fun part (sort of) of the editing process. Before you can start, you must have an editing software suitable for displaying 'Raw Format' images that is color accurate and renders the images quickly enough to get the job done in a short time. Adobe's 'Bridge Software' or 'Raw Converter' is a poor substitute for a real editing program. The images will certainly be color correct ( if the auto settings aren't engaged! ) but rendering each image quickly and at 'Full Screen' isn't what the program was designed for. While you are struggling to disengage auto this , that and the other, I am halfway through the editing process. In short. All that is needed in an good editing software is a fast rendering, somewhat color accurate display of the files, tagging options and filmstrip scroll through. Camera Bit's 'Photo Mechanic' is hands down the fastest editing software available. It is used by many news organizations Worldwide in their daily effort to sort through content coming in from photographers around the Globe. Another great software for the Canon Shooter is the deceptively simple 'Zoom Browser Ex', which comes free with Canon Cameras. Most free software sucks, but not this one. If you try and use it to color and exposure correct your Raw files, it may not seem that fantastic. But for raw (Pun intended) speed there's nothing that can touch it. Your pics will fly across the screen as fast as you can hit the left or right arrow button. No waiting for the software to re-adjust color or exposure, just full screen ( or smaller if you like) images ready to be tagged. All it takes is a keystroke to mark the keepers and move on to the next image. My personal preference is to mark only the keepers and not get too bogged down with some ridiculous rating system! They are either ready for prime time or not.