Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fastest CF Card Ever?

After posting about the new SanDisk CF / SD cards, I got to thinking. Does it really matter what Corporate Sponsorship brands any new Digital Product, especially when they are both in different fields? Could SanDisk have released the new Extreme Yugo edition. Would you really care?

While you're thinking about that. I present to you the latest and greatest offering in Portable Digital Media..........The Abe Vigoda Extreme 1X !

On Sale Now:Get them while you can!

TaylorC said...

Hell Yes! This is what I've been waiting for.A CF card with speed to spare! To hell with the expensive Ducati Race car media,sign me up for the Abe Vigoda Experience!


kidrocker said...

Where do you get the Abe Vigoda edition CF cards??? Will they work in my Canon Digital Rebel?


Edwin Morgan, said...

Abe V. is the hardest working man in the business and the CF card that bears his name will probably work anywhere you put it. To purchase one of these fine cards, please send a check or money order to...