Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cable Down For 5 Days!

After an entire week of non- stop Grip and Grin PR photography, I have come home to a house without cable TV or Internet. Some joker cut my cable line in three neat pieces? Who knows why or how. Maybe the secret police employed by Canon Camera Inc are sending me a message. No more jokes about the Mark III! or Else! More likely one of the landscapers got a little careless with the sidewalk edger.

At this very moment I am stealing Bandwidth from some unsuspecting neighbor. I know it sounds bad but my time on his network will be brief and my desire to post on the blog is overwhelming.

Short re-cap of the week.

  • 1000 + pictures taken
  • 9+ gigs of CF storage used. (1/2 the job)
  • Steve ( it was his client ) shot 9-11 Gigs on his end.
  • 15 free gourmet meals
  • 10-15 cups of Java ( actually less than usual)
  • 4.5 hours of actual sleep a night ( an average for the week )
  • 750 embarrassing and cheesy things said to complete strangers to illicit a freakin smile!

Tomorrow starts my vacation. I will be posting daily and adding more goofy beach pics to the Melissa's Goofy Summer Pics link on the right sidebar. Check it out daily!