Saturday, July 21, 2007

Frank Lloyd Wright

Once while testifying in court, Frank Lloyd Wright referred to himself as the world's greatest architect. Asked later how he could make such an excessive claim, he replied, “Well, I was under oath, wasn't I? (Secrest, 1998, p. 376).

Maybe like me, you sometimes fantasize about greatness, recognition, the respect of your peers, maybe even fame and fortune. I wonder sometimes if I will ever have the success in my career and life that I hope for. I get caught up in the daily struggle to move forward, personally and professionally. Depending on the day of the week or who knows what, my assessment of my progress is unsure and very fickle. Today I am the greatest photographer that ever lived, tomorrow I can't find a good photo to save my life. If there was a pill I could take when I wake up in the morning to push me in the direction of the former as opposed to the latter. Oh well!

Could it be that the truly great photographers, architects, artists etc... are cursed / blessed with a greater measure of arrogance and narcissism than your average joe? Do they get up in the morning with the idea that the world is holding it's breath waiting for their next move? Do they let failure get in the way of their opinion of themselves?

This ought to give you plenty to think about the next time you pick up your camera.

Well, I better get going.....the world is holding its breath.

The excerpt above this post is from an article in the Annual of Psychoanalysis (2005), written by James William Anderson Ph.d.