Friday, July 6, 2007 Website for Nikon Lovers

A reader has turned me on to a really great website for Nikon Shooters. It's quite a comprehensive website, featuring articles on Nikon Cameras, lenses, flash and related gear. Nikonians offers it's members varying levels of service including inexpensive ( niksecure ) camera / gear insurance, forums and the option of displaying personal gallery images in forum posts. Classifieds, photo tours and seminars open to Silver level ( $25 yr) members round out the extensive package. Basic membership is free, with Silver, Gold or Platinum level memberships costing $25, $75, and $200.00 respectively.

From the Nikon site:

Full membership levels have access to:

- Receive rebates from selected companies
- Show your support with special icon in the community
- Sign up for our attractive Photo Insurance NikSecure
- Get your own image gallery
- Access local Nikonians events and workshops
- Upload images and link to images in the forums
- Access to classifieds (sell & buy area)
- Free shipping from the Nikonians Pro Shop (Platinum only)
- Search for photography friends in your area

Almost makes me wish I shot with a Nikon........almost!