Monday, August 6, 2007

Boy I Wish I Looked That Good!

Well...maybe you do.

Here are a few quick links to some Super Bogus, heavily retouched and manipulated Glamour Photos appearing at a newsstand near you. It should really make you doubt whether there is any reality at all in those oh - so - perfect Celebrity Portraits that grace the covers of the Supermarket Tabloids. I lump the Glamour, Vogues and Men's magazines in the same pile.

  1. Swedish site : Ministry of Health and Social affairs
  2. Digital Pablo:
I guess it shouldn't come as such a shock to see so much unreality in the publishing world. Truthfully, I do the same thing every day to my assignment photos before delivery of any job. Yellowing teeth and tired red eyes never make it back to the client on the final disk. I wouldn't even think of sending out an image without a few wrinkles carefully erased or blemishes wiped away like Magic Zit Creme. And I generally don't make it a policy to enhance cleavage, but I've done it before and I'm sure I will be asked to do it again. Also, my clients aren't celebrities or models........but maybe they could be?