Friday, November 9, 2007

Apple's Leopard OS Also A Pain...

Misery for everybody!

After blowing off some steam in last nights post ( Rant! ) about my new Windows Vista enhanced (LOL) computer, I did a little googleing for some user opinions about Apples latest OS upgrade. I was pleased to see a lot of angry Mac Nuts getting their asses handed to them by Steve Jobs latest and greatest Mac OS X Leopard.

Here is a scary little article by Rob Mead at Tech.CO.UK


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Still Struggling With Win Vista...

I smell a Class Action Lawsuit comin...

It's been several weeks since the death of my trusted workhorse 'Image Cruncher', an off the shelf 'Compaq Presario' desktop computer with 1GB of Ram and WinXP Pro. It wasn't a gamer's dream machine with dual channel Corsair memory and an overclocked CPU, but it got the job done, ran Photoshop like a dream and never gave me even one 'blue screen of death' in over two years! It would probably still be running today if I had bothered to blow out the dust gathering inside the case. Lesson learned on that one!

The computer I purchased as a replacement came pre - loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium, which is appropriately named 'Premium' I speculate, because it is a premium pain in the ass, which will cost you a premium amount of money. The way I see it, Bill Gates or some other asshole at Microsoft owes me a month of my time, a few hundred dollars and a fresh copy of Win Xp Pro with service pack (3) ; not to mention the bucks they owe me for June of 2000 and the debacle known as Windows ME, the second worst operating system in the world! I'll let you guess what the current winner is, what I don't understand is why?

Is it really that hard to improve upon something that already works? Can't you just make the window dressing more attractive without re - thinking and irrevocably changing the way even the simplest programs work. Why on earth would you remove functionality from a program and tell the world that it's been improved, or make a simple task 10 times harder than it has to be, just to give the consumer a false sense of security.

Questions I'd like to ask the Rocket Surgeons at Microsoft:

Have you ever watched a teenager use a computer? They will press any number of buttons and agree to any pop - up request from any software company on any website at any time...... just to get to the screen with the Brad Pitt pictures (Substitute Brad with Angelina if it's a boy). They don't even stop to read the warnings and after the 'User Account Control' has popped up 100 + times, most adults aren't reading the warnings either!

Why did you screw up the Windows picture and Fax viewer? How stupid can you be? The program used to display Jpegs at their native resolution in both normal and slide show mode! Now the damn program blows up every picture to full screen during 'Slide Show Mode', even if the picture was never sized for full screen viewing! And another thing that really peeves me! I used to be able to set up my edits ( images ) for preview in one folder, uploaded to the web for my clients. They could download them and open them up in the 'Windows Picture and Fax viewer'. It was simple and flawlessly scrolled through the images at blazing speeds, complete with film strip thumbnails below the chosen image.This gave the viewer a sense of where they were in the editing process. But no! Thats all gone now! Who needs a filmstrip preview to scroll through, not when Bill Gates gives us a huge retarded looking 'Mac wannabe' set of glowing buttons to push.

And what the F*#k is up with the Vista Aero effects interfering with the functionality of Photoshop! Did you think that it wasn't important enough to make sure your GUI worked with the number one graphics / image editor in the world! Maybe you thought that red-eye reduction and the other bullshit in Win Vistas Photo Gallery (the new Win Picture and fax viewer) would be a fair replacement for Adobe Photoshop!

More to come.......

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