Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fastest CF Card Ever?

After posting about the new SanDisk CF / SD cards, I got to thinking. Does it really matter what Corporate Sponsorship brands any new Digital Product, especially when they are both in different fields? Could SanDisk have released the new Extreme Yugo edition. Would you really care?

While you're thinking about that. I present to you the latest and greatest offering in Portable Digital Media..........The Abe Vigoda Extreme 1X !

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Sandisk Extreme Ducati

SanDisk has just released the specs on its new Extreme Ducati CF and SD Cards. The line-up consists of 4- and 8- gigabyte (GB) capacities for the SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition Compact Flash card and 4GB for the SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition SD Plus card. The SD Plus card features a snap-open connector that enables the card to be plugged directly into the USB port of a personal computer without the need for a cable or reader. Read / Write speeds are quoted at 45 megabytes per second for the Compact Flash cards and 20MB/sec for the SD Plus card. Those specs put the CF Card at twice the speed of the SanDisk Extreme III and 5MB faster than the new SanDisk Extreme IV card.

Because the new CF cards move data faster than the transfer rate supported by most card readers, SanDisk offers the optional SanDisk Extreme FireWire Reader, which supports Fire Wire 400 and 800 connectivity.

Suggested retail prices are $164.99 for the 4GB Compact Flash card, $314.99 for the 8GB Compact Flash card and $129.99 for the 4GB SD Plus card. They will also be available for pre-order on the SanDisk website at