Monday, July 30, 2007

More Rumors About The 40D?

More rumors abound about the upcoming release of the New Canon 40D. I can't really tell if the Camera Enthusiast's are spreading the same rehashed news ( myself included ) or if there is any real new info to be had. But, as they say, where there is smoke there's usually fire and there is a whole lot of smoke. Most of it is probably being blown up our behinds!

Rumor List: 10.1 -12 Mega Pixel, Digic II ( 80% ) or Digic III ( Just a few people have said this! ), 2.5 inch LCD, 5 -7 Frame per sec ( who cares ) etc...

I can't imagine spending any more on a camera with those specs than I would for a new rebel XTI!
Give me a full frame 12 Mega Pixel with a 3 inch LCD and I'll be happy for a few more years.