Wednesday, June 20, 2007

EOS-1D Mark III... Stud or Dud!

Canon Camera has produced some of the best Pro DSLR's ever! I wouldn't want to do my job without one. So why is auto focus on these cameras appear to be getting less reliable? You can follow the link below to an in depth article by Rob Galbraith to read more on the problems with the EOS 1D mark III and autofocus reliability.

An analysis of EOS-1D Mark III autofocus performance

David33 said...

This problem just won't go away - autofocus that isn't reliable. You would think Canon has had enough time to fine tune the technology, but they apparently have not. My 10D has had focus issues since it was new. It's been to the Canon repair facility twice to correct focus problems. The 20D and 30D and now the 1D MkIII...the problem won't go away.
Apparently Canon wants these cameras to fly off the production line into the hands of salivating gear freaks only to deal with the inadequate focusing issue as a repair item. Sorry, but from now on I'm going to test the cameras IN THE STORE on a tripod. If they won't focus, I don't buy.


Shutterbug22 said...

Re: Canon 1D MkIII-
I agree with David. The disturbing reports of autofocus problems with Canon's new $4500 1D MkIII don't encourage me to buy one. You can always tweak color balance and exposure later on the computer, but if the image is out of focus, you just have to throw it away. Of course, you probably won't be shooting any more assignments for that client. I think I'll pass on the 1D MkIII.