Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Camera's Better Than Yours !

Now that I have today's first post out of the way and several cups of fine java circulating thru my veins, I can get to the important task of 'Learnin you folks up about this thar Digitle Kamra Witchery. Cause you know I has a sertified degree in Think-Ology from the fedral Govm't.' With credentials like that, who can doubt me!

Canon VS Nikon VS whatever you shoot with:

Spend time on any Camera Forum and you will find the die-hards defending their particular imaging instrument against the slings and arrows of others who shoot with another brand or format. Photographers get emotionally involved with their camera choice and to hell with all the unbelievers. If you can't shoot with a _______ then you shouldn't be shooting at all. So , here I am to add to the fray and upset a few more people.

I used to shoot with Nikon.....exclusively, FE, FM, F3, F4 and F5. The last one ( F5 ) I could never afford to own, but I shot with one on more than one occasion........SweeeeeeT! So I don't have any qualms with Nikon or their optics. I made the transition to Canon Cameras when Nikon fell behind in their AF (auto focus) lens technology. Canon lenses focused faster and much quieter than any of Nikon's Professional lenses and the ergonomic design was, at least to me, a little more pleasing. To get those fine lenses, I had to switch from my beloved Nikon and start all over with a new Canon. I dove into the shallow end and got one of the consumer level cameras to test the waters and fell in love with the ( Elan 2 ) quick response, fast auto focus, and ease of use. This inexpensive little camera completely changed my thinking about Canon Cameras. Because I have at my disposal all the high end cameras and formats from 8X10 to medium format to shoot with at the studio, I don't have to personally own every piece of equipment under the sun to get my work done. When it was time to transition to Digital Capture vs Film, I had no second thoughts about going all in with a Canon Setup. Shooting with the Canon Eos 1ds mark II sealed the deal and there has been no turning back. The quality of the images produced with this camera are stunning, noise free and colorful. Having said all that...... I still shoot 99 % of my work with an 8 Megapixel Canon and Sigma lenses!


more on this later...