Monday, June 18, 2007

New KODAK Image Sensor...

KODAK has designed a new image sensor technology that will help digital cameras see light in a similar fashion to the human eye. They have included a clear ( Panchromatic ) pixel to the sensor array with added sensitivity to low light levels. Software Algorithms process the extra data, effectively giving the sensor 2X - 4X times more sensitivity to light. You can follow the link above to the Kodak Website to read more.

FotoGott said...

also, die Sache mit dem neuen Kodak eine Scheiße. Ich staune, daß Kodak noch in Betrieb ist. Sie haben ihre Kamera verlassen (die 14n), anstatt das Ding zu verbessern.
Ich hatte immer Hoffnung, daß der Foveon Chip was werden könnte. Ich habe immer noch Hoffnung, selbst wenn Sigma es versäumt hat. Eines Tages wird ein anderer Hersteller den Foveon Chip verwenden und dann nicht mehr in so einem
Einsteiger_Gehäuse! Bis dahin bleibe ich bei CANON.

Schöne Grüße aus Europa,



weiter so!
danke fuer deinen Beitrag!


mallinphoto said...

The advancements in technology are amazing. Kodak is a pioneer in digital sensor technology and it is always interesting to find out find out what new products are being developed. I have to admit I did not read the entire press release, but what I did find out was very interesting indeed! They have a very well done photo accompanying the article. I looked at the meta data on the photo and the photographer used a CANON 1DSMII camera!!!!! Can you imagine the embarrassment to Kodak!! If I worked for Kodak and hired the photographer to do the shot, I would have to insist that a kodak pro camera, or a pro camera with a Kodak sensor be used to do the shot, not the competition's product! Don't you agree?



You nailed them on that one!

GeorgeM said...

I'm not encouraged by what I've read. Apparently the new Kodak chip improves low-light response by sacrificing color resolution/accuracy. I won't be going there. What we need is a high resolution Foveon chip in a Canon 1D MkIII body, with autofocus that, get this..., REALLY WORKS!!!!!!