Monday, August 27, 2007

RED ONE! The Future of Digital Cinema Production...

I have been hearing a lot of rumors lately from the Video Production Geeks that I know. Something about the Color Red, Digital Cinema and the end of Video Tape. And that's not all, they're telling me that you cinema guys can throw the motion picture film you've got stored in the freezer straight into the toilet. The be all, end all of Digital Cinema Production has arrived!

The Red One Digital Cine Camera is purportedly the Quantum Leap in straight to Digital, Motion Picture Cameras. Weighing in at under ten pounds and costing just under $20,000 US, the Red One is described as obsolescence proof; the modular design allowing for any future updates to mechanics and electronics. Follow the link above to their site and be prepared to be blown away!

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David Richter said...

We are using a rented version of this camera, while we have been eagerly awaiting our purchased one. All I can say is unbelievable! The ability to shoot in 5k from a handheld camera is just mind blowing.

For the past two years we have been shooting with the Panasonic AJ-HDX900, which is a DVCPro HD setup with a 25k starting price. I can say that the red blows this one away. Not only in resolution but in color quality, accessories and so on.

David Richter
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