Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Yummy Coffee!

For those of you who don't already know, I am presently enjoying a blissful week of well deserved vacation down on the NC Coast. There are 7 of us, which also includes 5 teenage girls, in a 2 bedroom cottage with one bathroom and the world's smallest kitchen. This of course means that we will be eating out a lot this week and I have decided to eliminate shaving, showering and trips to the bathroom from my daily schedule. And could someone please explain to me why it is that a woman can leave every personal article of clothing hanging from every 3 dimensional surface in the bathroom, but if I leave the toilet seat up, they'll be hell to pay!

So that brings me to Yummy Coffee, my favorite daily beverage. It's not as good at the beach as it is back at my home in Cary. It might be the pre-purchased jug water from the local supermarket or maybe the generic paper towels that I have been using in place of real Coffee Filters! I kept forgetting that one item when I went to get groceries and I paid the price every morning when I brewed my first pot. However, Paper Towels as Coffee Filters do work a lot better than printer paper with really tiny holes poked thru with a push pin. You don't want to know some of the other emergency methods I have used in a pinch.

Tomorrow morning, I absolutely have to get started on the editing, processing and optimizing of 1000 + Raw files from last week's Job. Better take a trip to the Quickie Mart and get me some real Java Sifters!