Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hands On With A 40D...

I've been working on an update of the site this week ( HTML....aaaarrrggghh! ) along with assignment work and some digital retouching, there hasn't been much time to actually Blog about anything. But there sure has been a lot going on, both with my business and with the new website that I am building! I'll be putting up links for EdwinMorganPhotographer.Com just as soon as it goes live. It will be a more streamlined website for my Photography Business and also connected in some fashion to this blog. From this point on, all my Photography and Stock Licensing will be intertwined with Digital Dilemmas. I figure I'm here every day, so why not!


I got to play with a Canon Eos 40 D today at the Best Buy Store. Sweeeeet! Built like a tank.....and I wonder if you can watch DVD's on that huge screen?

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mallinphoto said...

I've been interested in the 40D ever since I heard about it. What do you feel are the top 5 features that you like best? This sounds like a great camera especially with the new Canon EF-S17-55 f/2.8 IS lens!

Edwin Morgan, said...

Hello mallinphoto,

In no particular order, my top 5 reasons for picking the 40D!

1) The Eos 40 D has a higher Bit Depth,which boasts 14 bit analog to digital conversion. Hopefully producing richer Colors and less noise.

2)Digic 3 processing

3) Humongous LCD screen!

4) up to 6 frames per second firing rate ;versus the 3 that I have now.

5)Lower noise at High ISO

........and lets not forget price point. That's a lot of camera for $1,299.99


Paige Pea Photo Decor said...

Great to meet you today! I love your work and look forward to working with you in the future!