Sunday, September 23, 2007

Images From The Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark III

My response is wow!

Canon USA has posted 3 new sample pics from the EOS 1Ds Mark III, for a total of 4 images. One night scene, a landscape, a very colorful culinary image and a portrait of a lovely young lady. Download the high res versions of each to see the incredible detail and to really appreciate the skin tones on that portrait!


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mallinphoto said...


Those samples are amazing! I was really impressed with the landscape image shot with the Canon 50mm f/1.2 L. The level of sharpness of this lens and the resolving power of the camera sensor is beyond belief! I may just have to invest the the 1DSM3 body and a few more prime lenses! That kind of quality is unbeatable! This advancing Canon technology is very exciting to say the least, and it makes all want to upgrade and get the latest stuff.