Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Canons Trigger Expected Price Drop...5D Looking More Affordable!

Canon USA...where are those rebates?

Canon Europe is offering rebates on three of their top selling DSLR's, anywhere from 70 Euros for the 40D and 400D to a whopping 200 Euros for the EOS 5D. Purchasers can get a rebate check mailed to them from Canon or have their refund directly deposited into their bank accounts. For those of us not living in the land of wine and cheese, fish and chips, goulash etc... we'll just have to wait and see if Canon USA is going to give our bank accounts some love too.

Rumor has it that rebates are the first step in clearing out the inventory to make way for newer camera models. We've just seen the introduction of two great new Canon DSLR's, the EOS 1Ds Mark III and the very affordable EOS 40D. Speculation is growing on the possibility of an upgrade ( replacement ) for the full frame 12.8 Megapixel 5D, coming as soon as early February 2008! With the significant improvements implemented in the recently released Mark III and 40D, I can't imagine what digital goodness the folks at Canon are preparing for the highly regarded 5D. I just hope the damn thing has autofocus that really works!

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1001 noisy cameras said...

Nice blog! I just found out about it from my BlogRush widget which featured the price drop story!

Isn't competition wonderful? It lowers the prices for the rest of us, and just in time for the holiday shopping season feeding frenzy :)

Serge Nanovsky said...

woo :) that would be great to have an upgrade :)