Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Canon 40 D and Picture Style Editor

According to Canon USA, the CD shipping with the new Eos 40D will contain a new Software Tool called Picture Style Editor, which allows you to further fine tune your images ( RAW files ) to create the Tone, Saturation and specific Color / Hue response that you want from each file.The interface in PSE lets you choose specific colors in an image and with the help of a Color Wheel, extend or limit the Saturation, Hue, Luminance for an individual color.Your preferences can then be saved as a PF2 file and used by the RAW Conversion Software or by the camera itself to further fine tune the picture style already set on your 40D. This is basically a license to design your own Digital Film, customized for your tastes!

Here is a Picture Style Editor Screenshot from a Japanese Website :