Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nikon D300 Sample Pics

Nikon teaser!

Nikon has posted a few more sample pics from the new D300 on their site in Japan. These are much more varied and interesting images than the first crap released to the press a few months ago. Judging from the sample photos, it looks as though they have designed a great camera, producing superb skin tones, rich colors and fine detail. Some of the first images released to the press were professional looking and technically good, but too moody and dark to give the viewer an impression of the look of the files produced under ordinary situations and certainly not a great example of the cameras capabilities. I say, lets have a few more pictures of pretty Japanese girls and less rocky coastline images! What can you really tell about a cameras abilities from a few snaps of the ocean and breaking waves? Why not throw a few bikini models in the ocean to make it a little more interesting? Just my opinion.

Also, they might want to run a little unsharp masking on the bottom two Harley Davidson images!

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