Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Canon Rebel XSI High ISO With Noise Reduction!

Canon 1600 ISO sweetness!

DP Review just posted a few more test images from the Canon 450D ( Rebel XSi ), these with a properly applied noise reduction in the DPP software.

Freakin unbelievable is all I can say! ISO 1600 has never looked so good. And I thank them for taking my and others advice to shoot a few High ISO images somewhere other than in a damn dimly lit cave! I am so tired of seeing High ISO images shot in a dark bar or concert hall. NEWS FLASH!!! ..................... shit lighting looks bad with any camera and lens combination.

To check out the new 1600 ISO images photographed outdoors under normal lighting conditions follow this link to the DP Review website. The last 2 images are High ISO with noise reduction.

Canon Digital Rebel XSI said...

I heard lot of positive feddback and experience by using this canon Rebel XSI. It produce a great and really awesome image

Edwin Morgan said...

I have used a Rebel Xt to shoot the majority of my print jobs. I have a 16 megapixel available at the studio and I still use the XT on most location shoots.

The New Xsi will have larger file size, better color, less noise, not to mention a huge lcd screen that the 16 mp camera does not.

Its going to be a great camera/

Don't forget to get the battery Grip!

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