Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Canon Updates Rebel XSI Sample Pics

Rebel XSI ISO 100 EF--S 17-55 F2.8 IS USM


Canon Japan has added two more sample pics to the KISS X2 ( Rebel XSi ) website.

follow this link to the second and third sample images, both shot at ISO 100 with two of Canon's wide and super wide lenses.

You can download the high res version from my server here.
Enjoy! ...............But please don't re-post the direct link.

Should be just a few days to weeks before camera release in some European markets ?

Anonymous said...


They really need better images to show off the cameras capabilities

mallinphoto said...

Thanks for providing the link to these sample images, and keeping us updated. Canon technology rocks. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing performance. Look at the chroma noise by her feet. It looks terrible for ISO 100.

Edwin Morgan said...

I wouldn't judge the sensor / processor etc.. by a sample test image probably shot in JPEG mode and not processed properly. The same image shot in RAW mode and processed with reasonably tame chroma and noise settings would probably have been fine. I have come to the conclusion that Canon has the first idiot that shows up in the morning shooting these test images. Jeez! Couldn't they find better subject matter! At least throw some color or a nipple at us to make it interesting!

Just my opinion.