Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rebel XSI Review Lite At Bob Atkins

The reviews are coming...

I stopped by Bob Atkins site to read his first look review of the Canon EOS Rebel XSI ( 450D ) and kit lens. Nothing unexpected in his appraisal of the camera and typical kudos and complaints about the kit lens. Still waiting for the exhaustive beat down from the guys at DP Review, who are, I hear thru the grapevine, getting ready to post the full monty on the XSI.

If your wondering why there is so much excitement about this Pro-Sumer camera, then you probably have your head up you - know - where. The reality is, that today's pro-sumer, off - the - shelf at Best Buy DSLR, has twice the features, file size and image quality of yesterday's pro model cameras and at 1/3rd the price!

Don't let equipment snobbery stop you from buying a great camera. With all the money you'll have left over, you can purchase better glass and be ahead of the game in the long haul.

Anonymous said...

I guess we won't know anything certain about image quality until someone puts the 450D through its paces using some decent optics. No more Kit-Lens BS. I want to see images from some high end glass!