Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey day!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday with family, friends and lots of yummy turkey! I will be enjoying the day without any camera geek talk or Microsoft bashing, but will return tomorrow with plenty more irritating banter, bad grammar and abysmal punctuation.

NOTICE: I am going to attempt to speed up the page load times with new Javascript code on the 'comments under post' hack that I installed last week. Wish me luck, I just bought a book on Javascript, so I don't really know jack about what I'm doing!

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2 comments: said...

Looks like a cool site. I am bookmarking it. Found you through Blogrush.

Will look around a little and give you some comments on the site.



BTW, I am giving a $20 gift card away on my blog this week to the person who gives the best explanation of why they bought the camera they did.

Edwin Morgan said...

Hi Matt!

Thanks for stopping by. I will definitely come and check out your site.