Thursday, November 29, 2007

NC Stock Images On Zenfolio

Bloggin Time!

During my extended vacation from blogging, I used a little of that time to re-size, watermark and uploaded larger images from the NC Stock Collection to my account on the Zenfolio site. I am still working on a few things ( key wording etc...) to get the images and the description info looking the way I want, but it's looking pretty good as of today. I really need to get descriptions back onto the images to identify the locations. For some reason, my file names were removed and replaced with a simple numeral? They were supposed to contain the file name, picture location and file number. Don't know whether or not I have missed an option during the upload process or if numerals as file names is all you are allowed to display. Let's hope not!

Also, worrying about image theft has never been a big concern, but having to put an obnoxious watermark on each of the photos was a painful, but necessary exercise. Without it, images get lost on an art director's hard drive, re - compressed or re-sized without the correct metadata and are never attributable to the photographer again. This loss of connection between the photographer and their copyrighted work can happen easily to any digitally distributed image without a visible watermark. Even so, I'm sure that I am not alone in saying that I still hate having to plaster my name and telephone number on the images........UUUGGGHHH!

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Srishti said...

I never knew photography was so tough. esp d part of plastering phone numbers. but, why d'u need 2 do that? advertising?
I've always considered myself 2 be a good photographer albeit an amateur one. never knew it was so technical.

Edwin Morgan said...

Hello Srishti,

Sorry it took so long to answer your post.

Some of the best photographers are amateur photographers, but if your only source of income is your photography services, you must control who uses your images, their value ( usage ) and where they are to be printed/displayed and for how long. The point I was making is to be sure your photos are easily traceable back to you ( The author/creator ) and aren't lost ( Orphaned ). What if a big company wants to pay you to use one of your images that they have seen on the web, but they can't use the image unless they know who created the image and owns the copyright (You). If they cant find the photographer who created the image, they can't hire you or compensate you for it's use.

A professional must value his work! Without compensation, how would a working photographer feed his/her family, maintain a business or purchase and upgrade his photo equipment? Photography as a hobby is much different from photography as a profession. Not every photo assignment is exciting ( most aren't ) and it is quite often unattractive subject matter that you are called upon to photograph. It takes time, skill and experience to fulfill a clients needs and to produce technically perfect images of people and products that can be printed properly for advertising in magazines , newspapers, brochures etc.... All of this requires that a photographer sees himself first as a businessman and secondly as an artist.

Eventually they will enact new laws and orphaned images without copyright data will cease to be copyright protected.

Thanks Shrishti, please visit with us again . I welcome your comments and feedback.