Saturday, November 17, 2007

New JPEG Format Coming...

Don't mess with my JPEG!

The Joint Photographic Experts Group, namesake of the universal photo compression format known as JPEG, will push to add a new standard of image compression called JPEG XR. The new standard is basically a re - named version of the "Windows Media Photo" format released by Microsoft in May of 2006. Slow to catch on, but supported by Microsoft's new Vista operating system, 'Windows Media Photo' ( WMP ) is now referred to as 'HD Photo' in Microsoft press releases.

Read more at Stephen Shankland's UNDEREXPOSED Blog on CNET

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digitalmon said...

Pushed my Microsoft and works with Windows Vista... guaranteed to suck!

Not holding my breath.

nikkor_dude said...

For a while, the same group was pushing JPEG 2000. I never saw much of a difference between the standard compression and the newer (2000) version. Maybe this one is truly better. We'll have to wait and see how well this one takes hold, but I'm not gonna change the way I compress my image files until I have to.