Thursday, November 15, 2007

Update On Dr. P's EOS 40D

One more thing...

Last week I posted on Dr. P's in - store focus experiment with an off the shelf Canon Eos 40 D. His initial review of the images was a bit disconcerting, but might have been influenced by the lenses he used for testing, some of which had been re - calibrated by camera technicians for another of his Canon cameras. Hmmmm....

Dr. Pimento finally decided to take the plunge! He put in his order for a Canon Eos 40 D and BG-E2N Battery Grip. Thankfully, he made his purchase from one of our trusted affiliates ( shameless plug! ) and if there should be any issues with the camera, he will have no problem receiving a replacement or refund.
...end shameless plug ! )

After testing the 40 D, it seems that focus accuracy isn't an issue with most of his professional Canon glass. Only one lens, an older zoom, has any problems with accurate focus. He seems to have found a work - around by using the Servo Focus mode. Either way, the images from the camera are fabulous and the low noise at High ISO shooting is just what the Dr. ordered!

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